Pronto Primavera

Pronto Primavera

I don’t know why I haven’t shared this primavera recipe with you all before. It’s low in calories, packed full of good things, and is very, very delicious. A serving of this will see you well on the way to your five a day. If, like me, you’re following the 5:2 diet, this is low enough in calories to make a great fasting day meal – especially if you forego the pasta, and serve this over steamed cabbage.

The other great thing about this recipe is that it’s also very quick, so makes a perfect supper for those a little pressed for time. I timed myself cooking it and it came in at under 30 minutes from fridge to table, and that was with a couple of minutes added on due to my forgetting to stop the timer.

I hope you enjoy this primavera sauce as much as my family did. - See more at:

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