Promoting Self Confidence in teenagers

Promoting Self Confidence in teenagers

I am all about promoting positive body image and not “doing down” anybody on the basis of how they look.   I think everybody has the right to feel good about themselves, and in fact should feel good about themselves.   On the whole I don’t about myself, but I am a grown up.   Teenagers and young children, are not grown ups and need as much support and encouragement to love their bodies as is possible.

For all sorts of reasons.   Primarily because the media does all it can to tell us that anything over a size 10 is obese and not worthy of attention.   That we must look at the pictures of the latest celeb who is back to her pre baby delivery weight within four minutes of delivery.   That the DVD of the season is the soap star who was an “enormous size 16″ is now the smallest they have ever been and will share with us “their secrets”.

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