Project Life – Week 10

Project Life – Week 10

My weekly progress on the memory-keeping system, Project Life Welcome to week 10 of my Project Life!

What I did this week:

No rounded corners All made digitally with the exception of one Studio Calico card Focused on a “brushed” look through fonts, textures, layers and borders Made my own textured brush cards

I used the ‘These Days’ card from the new Pictures + Words No. 9 digital kit from Paislee Press. I added the dates in myself as it wasn’t intended to be a week title card, but I’m trying out different ways of introducing the week without literally saying ‘week’.

As the script in that kit is not an editable font, I had to find a similar font for my ‘Wild’ card. I used Colors of Autumn which is a FREE font. Go get it! P.S. I love that self-portrait I took – my winter coat makes me look like an animal.

Then I made this simplistic weather card to add some clean space while documenting the weather. Yes, it snowed again in Chicago – BIG SURPRISE! I’m thinking of doing a set of these (maybe making them a bit more ‘designed’). Would you be interested in weather cards?

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