Project B - Pregnancy Wellbeing Boxes Review

Project B - Pregnancy Wellbeing Boxes Review

Now that I’m officially ‘in the family way’, the reviews on this blog are starting to get a little different and today’s review is the first of many pregnancy related products that I’ll be testing over the coming months.

Project B is a month subscription box which starts during month 4 of pregnancy and goes right up until month 10, when you’ll receive a ‘Congratulations’ box after giving birth. The idea of the boxes is to give pregnant women a monthly gift, full of pregnancy-friendly treats, which promote wellbeing and give her something to look forward to.

I really like the idea behind these boxes; pregnancy can seem like the longest nine months of your life and if you’re having a nice, uncomplicated pregnancy, the bits to look forward to (like scans) can seem few and far between. Having a box land on your doormat once a month full of nice little treats would be a great distraction from ten months of waiting.

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