Project Autumn

Project Autumn

The return to school for me is a bit like New Year, an opportunity to start afresh and to begin new projects. This year is no different, re-invigorated by the freedom school offers me, I am planning a massive overhaul of our home.

On opening our front door when we arrived home from our holiday, I was not hit by my normal feeling of warmth, but instead by a grey overcast sense of disappointment. Usually the Colfax and Fowler wallpaper swirling up our stairway brings a happy smile to my face; I’m always taken aback by how beautiful it is. However this time the dirty hall carpet and the lack of working light fittings is what struck me. It felt scruffy and tired, and it made me feel depressed, honestly depressed.

My Kitchen, where I spend a lot of time is decoratively not done to my taste but usually its familiarity means I’m home, all I could see was clutter and debris gathering in every spare corner. Don’t start me on what happens if you open some of the cupboards; be prepared to catch a tumbling pan or vagrant jar of spice.

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