Project 365: Week #32

Project 365: Week #32

We’ve had this last week off work so we’ve enjoyed lots of outdoor time - including a trip to Suffolk with beach, forest and playground fun.

Welcome to Project 365: Week #32.

Day 214

A lazy day at home today. Daddy created this pirate masterpiece for a party POD is going to. She just needs to perfect the “aye aye” and “arr!” and she’s all set.

Day 215

We headed over to Alice Holt forest in Hampshire today. We bumped into 3 of our favourite people just after we arrived so we got to do the Gruffalo trail together. I love this photo of the children on their Daddies shoulders – they look like they’re having a right old natter! POD decided the only thing to do when she met the Gruffalo was to give him a cuddle. As you do.

Day 216

We headed to Suffolk today to stay with Buba and Gagam (POD’s Grandparents). First stop was to pop in on 93-year-old Yaya who is POD’s Great Grandma and The PODfather’s Grandma. This is a special photograph of the three generations together even if POD is a little distracted!

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Happy Saturday Everyone!

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