Project 365: Week #28

Project 365: Week #28

Another week of two halves here. Taking photographs in London was so much easier when I took my SLR in though. It just happened to be the day I walked from the office to Waterloo in a quest to avoid the tube. It’s so much nicer being outdoors! Today we’ve been at POD’s nursery for their annual fete, she was the only one that ran into the path of a fire hose!

Welcome to Project 365: Week 28.

Day 187

POD found time to do a spot of colouring in-between entertaining her grandparents.

Day 188

An interesting perspective with this photograph but I love the purple against the blue sky.

Day 189

A tired POD in the garden blowing bubbles.

Day 190

Love these, spotted hang over a fence when I walked to the local shop.

Day 191

It’s been the week of trying to get more creative with commuter photographs. My local station and some artwork near Waterloo.

Day 192

En route to the station in the morning I see a field of ten or so rabbits next to a busy road. Finally one came close enough for me to photograph!

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