Primordial Sound Meditation, Week 2

Primordial Sound Meditation, Week 2

So what is primordial sound meditation, and how is it different from other forms of meditation?

These days there are a lot of guided meditations about; you sit and listen to some calming music while someone with a lovely soft voice talks you through relaxing your body, feeling happy or suchlike. Or perhaps you listen to some calming music while you think a particular happy or positive mantra or something.

With primordial sound meditation, the whole point is not to think. So you have a mantra, but it's deliberately meaningless. The idea is not to empty your mind so much as to notice the calm that is already there; to experience the gap between your thoughts.

All meditation is good for you, and all meditation can bring all sorts of benefits if practised regularly. I like primordial sound meditation because it's easy. I don't need a book or a dvd or a CD; I can do it anywhere. I use an app on my phone called Insight Timer to time my meditations, but that's just for convenience.

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