Primary Science Lab Set – review

Primary Science Lab Set – review

Austin has let us know his first career ambition. He wants to be a paleontologist.

His bedroom wall is decorated with dinosaur posters. For his second birthday, he requested a dinosaur-themed party. And now, as a reward for being kind towards his sister, he is given a weekly treat of a book from the Dinosaur Cove range. They’re so precious to him that he stores them in the top drawer of his cupboard, rather than with all the other commonplace reads on his bookshelf.

Austin’s itching to begin his career as a scientist. He’s always asking to do some experiments (which, I have to say, I know little about. I remember something about bunsen burners from my own school days, but I don’t think it would be wise to unleash my four-year-old on one of those….).

So we were delighted when Learning Resources asked us to review some products from their Primary Science range.

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