Preventing late diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia

Preventing late diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia

When BB and I first met the man who was to gently cut open her skin and surgically correct her hip, it was the first time that I really felt the sting of being caught ‘late’ with Hip Dysplasia.

He explained that in his hospital she would have had an ultrasound at birth, we would have had a stronger change of her left hip being caught within a week of being born.

The treatment would have been far different.

One in twenty babies are born with weak hips, these are the ones that in my opinion, should not go in baby carriers that don’t support baby at the hip – allowing the frog like position to be naturally assumed.  They shouldn’t be swaddled tightly to prevent free movement of the leg, they should be in a wide car seat and allowed to extend their legs wherever possible without any undue pressure on the joint.  It you have a weak joint, it seems obvious that not giving it support will exasperate the condition.

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