Pretty Salad

Pretty Salad I got a gorgeous little packet of violas in my veg box the other week - that's what I love about getting my veg from a truly local outfit - a family run farm a couple of miles away. The monthly newsletter that came with that particular box included the following:

"We always have blocks of different colour lettuce but this year we are also growing viola, calendula, cornflower and borage for salads..."

How exciting!

We had a glut of eggs, and try as I might, there's only so much cake you can bake. Pink and her eggy bread addiction helped, but I was fighting a constant battle as all 5 chickens were laying every day...

One of my summer stand bys is a very straightforward salad that once started off as a River Cottage idea - probably from one of the first books, where you 'soft hard boil' eggs, so they are still a bit squidgy in the yolk, then serve with a fairly plain salad of crispy lettuce, and a vinaigrette type dressing (by which I mean whatever combination of oil & vinegar plus a little mustard takes your fancy).

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