Preserving Fruit

Preserving Fruit

It is now peak soft fruit time here at Eco-Gites of Lenault and whilst the first fresh strawberry, raspberry or tayberry popped into your mouth is an absolute joy, there is only so much fresh fruit you can eat before the rot sets in. Both the literal rot,because fresh fruit like this not store for long and the rot of never actually wanting to eat another berry again!

Preserving is therefore the way to go.

Anyone who saw my last Silent Sunday picture will know that I have been bottling fruit - the picture shows raspberries and rhubarb purée but I have also bottled blackcurrants, tayberries and loganberries. Bottling is not a difficult process but rules do need to be followed and there are different methods you can use. This Australian page gives some easy to follow instructions or if you Google "Bottling Fruit" you'll find plenty more information. What ever method you use though these are my 7 rules you really must follow for success:

7 tips to successful fruit bottling ....

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