Preparation is key! - The Ana Mum Diary

Preparation is key! - The Ana Mum Diary

I spoke a couple of weeks ago about my conversation with Matthew Hussey, of Get the Guy fame. Well now I have made all the preparations for my evening with Tall Dad I thought I would share with you some of the things we talked about as being the key stages to a successful romantic night out with your partner according to Matthew.

Complements : Find a complement that you have never given your partner. Little Gestures : The power of touch, holding hands for example. Living in the present : Dreaming of the future, think of things coming up, make plans, have a shared passion. Take time for yourself : Tell them that you are excited to get ready for him. Smell your best : Memory formation and emotions. Wear something special : Something that they bought you, maybe jewellery, make a connection. Learn something new : When you first were together you would always be learning new things about one another. Initiate : Never underestimate the power of affection.

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