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Greetings my most excellent friends and welcome to this week’s Dear Lucas.

I’ve taken time out from writing my ‘thank you’ letters for all the awesome Christmas presents I have been given to answer a letter I have received from a rather sweet little boy called Harvey. Harvey is two and a half years old and his Mother has decided that he should start potty training. I don’t think this letter needs any further introduction………….

Dear Lucas

I am hoping you can help me with a little issue I have. Mummy has brought me something called a ‘potty’ and has explained to me that from now one I must try and do all my ‘toilet stuff’ in it and when I’ve had enough practice on the potty, I can start going on a big potty which Mummy calls the toilet. I am a little confused as the big potty looks a little scary and when Daddy goes into the room where the big toilet is, he’s in there for ages and I always find a grownup comic in there after he’s finished. Do I have to learn to read as well before I use the big potty?

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