Potato and tomato bake

52 cook books week 14 Potato and tomato bake

I needed something simple and quick today for the 52 cook books challenge. It’s a busy busy week and with people in and out of the house at different times I wanted something that could be reheated or even eaten cold if we needed it! (don’t even go into having to fit my new slimming world regime!) So a hunt through Italian Regional Cooking which cost me 50p in a charity shop, came up trumps with Potato and Tomato bake.

Layers of thinly sliced potato, tomato and red onion, seasoned well with Italian herbs, topped with grated cheese and slow cooked to soften the veg and not burn the cheese! And I know it’s an easy dish which I didn’t really need a recipe for, after all I’ve certainly made dauphinoise a million times before. But the book did inspire a thought and dinner was created with things from the fridge, low cost, healthy and easy to serve a number of times for different dinner sittings.

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