Postnatal Depression: “10 days to go… How am I feeling?”

Postnatal Depression: “10 days to go… How am I feeling?”

Does this quote give you the general idea? Is this ridiculous chocolate craving because I’m having a girl do you think? I never had these types of cravings with the LM, with him it was all about Cornflakes with Two Fruits and milk… This chocolate thing is crazy, and so much unhealthier! If I wasn’t actually giving birth in 10 days time I would seriously consider organising an intervention for myself… Seriously, I would. The worst culprits: Boost Bars, M&M’s, Tim Tams, and… oh, let’s face it! ANYTHING CHOCOLATE! Oh, and caramel… Did I mention caramel? Caramel slice, Russian caramel, fudge… and the list goes on!

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