Post Birth Memories

Post Birth Memories

Anyway, the last couple of days blanket news coverage have reminded me of those oh so precious first few days. I vividly remember with fondness that first hold, still unable to feel my lower body due to the epidural (for the emergency c-section), the overwhelming love. I remember the fear when the husband left recovery room for home at 3am and I was taken to my own room (thank goodness my work had private health insurance as a benefit). I remember losing track of time and buzzing the midwife to ask if I needed to feed Harry (because I couldn’t get to him myself). That first night I didn’t get any more than one hour’s broken sleep. Harry slept fine, he slept perfectly (and I was secretly smug after the warnings), it was me that couldn’t sleep, that couldn’t absorb that this precious, tiny baby had just been removed from my body and was mine. The husband and I were solely responsible for another human being. For the rest of his or our own lives.

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