Positivity is Overrated

Positivity is Overrated

It's 10pm on Tuesday, and I've been staring at the screen for the past hour trying to figure out what to do. Like every week Tuesday is the time for me to write a post that will go straight to Jane from Ethan's Escapades for her "Small Steps Amazing Achievements" Wednesday linky. I know I am not really committed to Jane, and really I don't even know Jane except through the blog world. For all I know she thinks I am an idiot and the worst writer she's ever seen. But I know that tomorrow morning when Jane will tweet me to say that the linky is open, if I don't have a post to add I will feel bad. I will feel as if I let her down. So here I am, racking my brain, trying to find what to write for tomorrow, and I have nothing. I mean how can you find something positive to write about every single week? And it's not just Jane on Wednesday, on Monday I have "Magic Moment" and on Thursday "Reasons to be cheerful". Really? Every single week? How can people be so positive all the time? And especially

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