Positive Meetings...

Positive Meetings... Positive Meetings... Did you miss me yesterday? Nope?! Humph!

Anyway, the reason for no post yesterday was.....I was busy.

I went to sewing class at 10 am, we were making a little bag yesterday, I didn't finish mine, but I will do. I will find time at home this week.....I really will!

The class finished at 12, so I had already planned to go out to lunch with my mum. It's only now, with the 3 boys in school, that I get a chance for some alone time with my mum. She still drives, so we aren't so limited where we go. However, yesterday, we went to the local town, and my favourite coffee shop/cafe. After a lovely lunch, and a wander around, she brought me back home in time for the school pick up.

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