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) Hey everyone I have decided to research some artists and put up a bit about their life. At the end of this I will be putting up one of my attempts at a form of artwork they have done. Today's research is about Andy Warhol :) He was born on August 1928 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, his father was Andrej Varhola Sr 119-1942, mother Julia 1892-1972. They were working class Lemko imigrants from Miko ( now called Mikova ) in Slovakia, his dad immigrated in 1914 and his mother joined him in 1921 when Warhols grandparents had passed away.

In 3rd grade Warhol had Sydenham's Chorea ( St Vitus Dance ) a nervous system disease causing involuntary movements of the body believed to be a complication of Scarlet Fever which causes skin pigmentation blotches. He became a hypochondriac and became scared of the doctors and hospitals. He spent a lot of his youth bedridden which made him feel pushed out at school. When confined to bed he drew and collected movie stars around his room

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