Pomegranate molasses & date biscuits

Pomegranate molasses & date biscuits

Friday after school, I rolled up my sleeves and spent 2 hours face painting at the school fete. It was intense, I tell you. But my fellow face painter was someone I hadn't met before, and we're meeting up for coffee. This makes me very happy.

I am also hoping that making some biscuits to take along with me to her house using dates and pomegranate molasses will not turn out to be another ungainly trip in my social life's little path. I have no idea what she likes and dislikes, but I decided that something like this avoids the obvious chocolate route, there's the option to joke about 'healthy' biscuits (there's dates in them - of COURSE they are healthy, go on, have another one...) and they have a sweet lemony-ness from the pomegranate molasses to them that is interesting (in a good way) yet not overpowering. I'm hoping they will taste delicious with coffee.

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