Polytunnel November 2013

Polytunnel November 2013

There is a sentence in my favourite polytunnel book - The Polytunnel Book by Joyce Russell - that states something along the lines of the fact that anyone can fill their polytunnel and grow large amounts of tomatoes but a good polytunnel gardener will have harvestable plants all year round. This year I did indeed grown a magnificent amount of tomatoes but I am also working hard at keeping my polytunnel working all year round. To this end, on today, November 2nd 2013 this what our polytunnel contains:

Still harvesting the last of the: Chillies Peppers Tomatoes Aubergines Nasturtiums

Full polytunnel bed - Nov 2013 Also harvesting: Cavolo Nero Lamb's Lettuce Spring Cabbage (a warm Autumn has made this grow very early!)

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