Polly Dunbar at Imagine Children's Festival

Pigeon Pair and Me: Polly Dunbar at Imagine Children's Festival

Tilly and Friends, unlike Borgen, Homeland, Scooby Doo or Melody, is not one of the TV shows that have had a significant impact on our home lives recently. All I could really recall about the TV series was some sweet sketch animation and a surprisingly eerie theme tune, and we have not read the books with either of the Pigeon Pair to date.

As a result I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I arrived at the Royal Festival Hall, along with our sleepy almost-two-year-old girl, to see the author as part of the Imagine Festival.

What we got was an introduction to Polly Dunbar’s imagination from the author herself, a world where narcissistic bossy chickens wear blusher and where a penguin can and will bite a lion on the nose in defence of a small boy. Polly herself was wonderfully engaging and refused to be put off by the sort of surreal heckling only offered by the under-fives. I don’t think there is any adequate comeback when one is persistently interrupted by an audience member shouting; “You should never, ever, ever eat elephant bottoms. Ever.”

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