Point & Shoot: This American Life

Point & Shoot: This American Life It’s funny, when I was fifteen I was convinced I was born in the wrong time. I should have existed in 1950’s New York … as James Dean (I was ridiculed by friends for my crushes on dead people so this was nothing out of the ordinary). I didn’t realize but I must have seemed serious enough for my mother to confess she was worried I’d move to America and she’d never see me again. Aaaanyway, as James Dean paled in the dazzling glare of a fervent David Bowie fascination, so too did all thoughts of living across the pond, and no-one was more surprised than me when 2010 brought our unexpected expatriation to that level-headed, rectitudinous cousin of the US – Canada...

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Parmesan and Basil Thins

Family Photography Project – July 2014