Point & Shoot: Flash Freeze - Expatlog

Point & Shoot: Flash Freeze - Expatlog

  I’m starting to think I should get my own map and ten minute slot as everything I post recently revolves around the weather, but it’s unavoidably the big story here in Canada right now. After a couple of years of unseasonably warm winters, this ‘mutha’ has left us reeling. First the icestorm, which left over a quarter of a million people without power in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) alone many of whom didn’t get it back until after Christmas, then the big freeze that ushered in the New Year with windchill temperatures in the minus thirties. After a brief respite that saw temperatures climb to minus one (OMG!!! break out the tshirts!) the Christmas holidays ended with a generous dumping of snow followed by freezing rain (think an army of peashooters in the sky) and a flash freeze to make the Monday morning walk to school feel like your first time on roller-skates...

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