Poetry and Vine for Dylan's birthday

Poetry and Vine for Dylan's birthday

I’m Welsh. It’s something I forget about most of the time, but then something reminds you that it’s a part of your soul and no matter how long you live in another country is as natural as breathing.

A few Sundays ago we were eating breakfast and Cerys Matthews was on the radio celebrating the fact that it would have been Dylan Thomas’s 99th birthday, and you know the way one thing leads to another on twitter … well I was drawn to this account that in celebration of it going into Dylan’s 100th year, was putting out to the public 6 of his poems, who were invited to send in a Vine of themselves reading two lines. Just a brilliant idea, democracy, difference, culture all rolled into one. I’ve heard my own voice on tape too many over the years, so I passed over the task to my daughter Charlotte, who loved the idea ...

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Treasured memories.

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