Playing in the stream and a Greggs sausage roll

Playing in the stream and a Greggs sausage roll

I’ve never been a particular fan of the comedian Rory Bremner but he made a lot of sense in a Sunday Times profile this week.

Interviewed by the talented Margarette Driscoll, he talked about the house in the Scottish borders where he and his artist wife and their daughters of 12 and 10 decamp during the school holidays.

“My wife and I both had childhoods in Scotland and my daughters were then nine and seven,” said the comic (probably best-known for his uncannily accurate Tony Blair impersonations). “… I wanted them to have 10 years of that kind of childhood, where the biggest delight of the day is playing in the stream or having a Greggs sausage roll on the way back from some pony rally or other and not spending their lives immersed in iPods and make-up.”

I reckon he’s on to something, especially during an age where one in 10 children have their own mobile phone by the age of five and the rest of us are glued to our computers and phones night and day.

We went to the fantastic Bill’s in Oxford...

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