Play Farms: Washbrooks Family Farm

Play Farms: Washbrooks Family Farm

I have a deep loathing of charging entrance for under threes. Especially at play farms. So (sorry) here’s a rant.

Two play farms near to Lewes, East Sussex, do this – one charges full price for children over the age of ONE. I love this latter one, I really do, but I think that’s crackers.

Because in my view toddlers and BABIES cannot utilise play farms fully. Note I say ‘fully’. Yes they can pet animals and look at them from their buggies. But a lot of the play equipment is out of bounds – rainbow sack slides, go-karts, trampolines, big climbing frames, jumping pillows, and even ride-ons.

In fact, a day at a play farm can represent a headache for a parent. All that hand-washing! Stopping them putting their fingers in their mouths! Or in animals’ mouths! Or pulling their ears! Or shouting at them! Urgh.

Anyway, back to the present… Washbrooks Family Farm near Brighton had my heart at the admissions desk.

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