Planning A Wedding With A Child Missing

Planning A Wedding With A Child Missing

Is hard

It’s draining

And it makes the simplest of things so sad

Buying bridesmaid dresses for the little ones is hard, I couldn’t really put much thought into them. I found some I liked and brought them that was all I could do.

Looking at little shoes I hate as there should be another pair I am buying.

We have a thing with the shoes for the wedding and they will be featured in the photos but one pair will be missing and it breaks my heart. I can see how it should be, if life was fair and it wont be that way.

It’s the little things the mother and daughter things that I am already missing.

Getting ready together, standing next to each other.

Baba is obviously excited but he is going to be with Mr L and Boo really has no clue what is going on and needs to stay clear of my dress once he has eaten!

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