Planning a family trip to Portugal #spon

Planning a family trip to Portugal #spon

We’ve been talking a lot recently about where to take our next family holiday and among the top favourites is Portugal, the narrow strip of land running along the Western border of Spain.Being the organised and fastidious person that I am (ha!), I’ve pulled together a list of some of the places we’d most like to visit and why…

1. Lagoa dos Salgados. We all adore birds and we’ve learned during our research that Portugal is home to over 300 species of bird, spread across a variety of wildlife rich habitats from mountains and hills overlooking the sea, to estuaries and cork-oak plantations. We’d love to pack our cameras and make our way around the protected areas that make up over a fifth of the country, starting with the wetlands of Lagoa dos Salgados, famed for its 150 bird species.

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