Plane or ferry for family trips to France?

Plane or ferry for family trips to France? - Mums do travel

Is it better to travel by ferry or by plane for family holidays to France?

Some of our best family holidays when the kids were small were spent either camping or in holiday rentals in France. We never considered travelling by plane and always drove to France on these trips. This was because the things we needed for a relaxing holiday with small children would never have squished into a suitcase and hand luggage (although we did manage to squeeze Baby Born and her pushchair into our daughter’s luggage the first time we went to New York as a family).

By driving to our holiday destination we were able to take things like our youngest’s own, familiar travel cot, a supply of vegetarian sausages for the barbecue, our eldest’s special blanket, and buckets and spades and a sun tent for the beach. These are minor things which we could and would have managed without had we travelled by plane but they are all things which made our holiday more relaxing.

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