Pink Scooter Disco Party

Pink Scooter Disco Party Part 2 » Emily Beale Photography

Today is part 2 of my mammoth party preparation posts for my niece’s Pink Scooter & Disco Party.

You can read part 1 here. And in it I covered invitations, party favours, games and general party planning.

Today is part 2 and I’m sharing more party favours, bunting, cupcake toppers and food name plaques.


My niece is a huge fan of Marshmellows. And so an economical party favour came to mind – why not package up a few marshmallows under the guise of ‘scooter wheels’?

Cute right? With the help of photoshop I was able to make up the labels really quickly.

The joy is that they’re all personalised – ‘with love from Maysie’.

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