Pink pig cupcakes; easy baking fun

Pink pig cupcakes; easy baking fun We were nosing round the wonderful Multiple Mummy‘s blog a few weeks ago when we spotted a lovely idea: pink pig cupcakes. We gave it a go with our own easy recipe – our version has white chocolate for the main topping along with a good dollop of creative license. Here’s what we did: PINK PIG CUPCAKE INGREDIENTS

80g margarine 100g granulated sugar 1 medium free-range egg 100g self-raising flour 1-2tbsp milk / soya milk 12 pink cupcake cases (ours were part of a multi-coloured set from Lakeland) A pack of pink buttons (again ours were from Lakeland) 100g white chocolate 100g icing sugar 2-3 drops of red natural food colouring 1-2 tbsp of warm water Icing pens and any other decorative bits you fancy

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