Pink Bubbles and Roses Bundt Cake

Pink Bubbles and Roses Bundt Cake I was looking forward to this. If there's one thing my team do well (apart from the day job of course!) is FEED. This week our Alison turned the ripe young age of 30, so we had a bit of a lunch-time knees up to mark the special occasion. There was enough buffet food to feed the 5000, a bit of singing and a rather bling pink bundt cake.

Alison is a girl with taste who enjoys her vino, so it seemed only right that it be made with pink champagne, with a hint of rose extract. The little edible gems were just the icing on the cake - literally. I even dyed the cake itself a pretty shade of pastel pink.

The added fizz makes a really moist cake with a light texture, but it still has that essential sugar crust on the base.

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