Pigeon Pair & Me: Trust (part 1): Our Time of Gifts week 30

Pigeon Pair & Me: Trust (part 1): Our Time of Gifts week 30

Recently, we were hit by a series of minor calamities.

Our cooker stopped working. Not just the oven, but everything: hob, grill, the lot.

Last week this gave us an excuse to try out Cookisto, but – as the days wore on, and perishable, oven-only food reached its expiry date – the enforced reliance on microwave meals and takeaways started to take its toll. I began to yearn for vegetables that weren’t from a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. Or even a couple of grilled sausages would have done.

Fortunately our good friends, who live three doors down from us, let me nip into their house while they were out, to bake some fishcakes and pizza.

Then, a couple of days later, these same friends rescued me and the children when we became trapped in our car (flat battery; central locking in spasm; no manual override, just a handbook in the glove compartment telling me I needed to break the car window….) luckily the friends had a key to our house, so they rooted around our kitchen for a spare and used it to unlock the car door from the outside.

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