Pigeon Pair & Me: Sunshine after the storms

Pigeon Pair & Me: Sunshine after the storms

Two nights ago, noisy storms buffeted our house, and we were kept awake through the small hours (except for Gwen, who sleeps like a stone).

But yesterday, dawn broke into brilliant sunshine and twittering birds. Puddles and mud were everywhere; but the glowering chill had been replaced by warm, lollipop-blue skies.

Austin and I decided to venture outdoors, and seek out some signs of Spring.

The blue skies, and dappled morning shade of our local park, beckoned us in.

Water-sodden grass, and stark, craggy winter branches, looked so much more friendly with the soft sun shining on our faces.

We walked down behind the river, along an earthen path, looking high and low for buds and blossoms. While Austin’s little sister Gwen was helping her Daddy at the supermarket, he told me all about his plans to get a dog when he’s older, and asked me to help him carry a small leafy twig he’d found for Custardly lion.

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