Pigeon Pair & Me: Children's toys: Our Time of Gifts week 34

Pigeon Pair & Me: Children's toys: Our Time of Gifts week 34

This week on Our Time of Gifts, I tried to tell someone that I understood. And we gave our daughter Gwen a second-hand toy bed as a birthday present.

D spotted it, on the pages of a local online forum. It was going for a tenner; a bargain, we reckoned, considering the toy was in good condition, and the hours of delight that would unfold after it was opened.

Gwen and Austin have recently taken to playing ‘brothers and sisters’. This seems to consist, on the whole, of them putting soft toys to bed on cushions, with blankets on top. These ‘beds’ are snaffled from the downstairs sofas; on the evenings when the toys have a mass sleepover, D and I often have to make do with one shared cushion between us, while the toys lounge in luxury upstairs. The knowledge that there would be histrionics the next morning stops us from relocating the cushion-beds back to the sofa.

Less-than-comfortable tv viewing aside, it’s delightful to see our four- and two-year old play together so harmoniously. So, with that in mind, I set off westwards in our car one evening, to pick up the toy bed from its former home.

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