Carnival of Gifts

Pigeon Pair & Me: Carnival of Gifts So I thought I'd post here, to flag up a few individuals who are giving and sharing.

In my guest post I wrote,

"Financial desperation is undeniably more widespread these days. But there’s also been a shift in the way people see ostentation and wealth. It’s a lot less acceptable to flash your cash than it was, say, in the 80s. Thrift and frugality are buzzwords for our times, and everywhere you look there are different ways to help us share - our goods, our knowledge, our space."

Popping up all over the place, are people offering their services for the general good of humanity, and whizz-bang technology to help them carry out these altruistic acts.

The Free Help Guy has spent six months chasing round like some recession-fuelled Superman, doing favours and solving problems for those who call him up on the world wide web. And Judith O'Reilly recently published a book on how she spent a year, doing a good deed every single day.

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