Pigeon Pair & Me: A round of a claw - month eight, November 2013

Pigeon Pair & Me: A round of a claw - month eight, November 2013

Autumn is crammed with festivals and celebrations in our household.

Hallowe'en happens to also be D's birthday. This year the children celebrated with their first, impromptu, experience of trick-or-treating**.

We'd grabbed some rudimentary costumes from our local shop's bargain bucket, so the hordes of marauding sweet-gobblers who came to our door could be greeted by two members of their own kind. But, by 6.30 pm, we hadn't had a single visitor, so D decided to take the Pigeons out onto the Mean Streets, to track down other ghoulies and pester the neighbours.

Austin and Gwen's brimming bucket of sugary bounty means we'll be badgered into locking this tradition into our bundle of family traditions for the forseeable future. But next year, I'm going to plump for outfits that say 'adorably spooky', rather than this year's 'can't be arsed'.....

Austin's fourth birthday was the biggest milestone this month. I wrote about how he's moving into the magical years, away from toddler tantrums but still far from teenage doldrums. You can see more pictures from his big day here.

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