Pigeon Pair and Me - The Big Give: Our Time of Gifts week 22

Pigeon Pair and Me - The Big Give: Our Time of Gifts week 22

This week on Our Time of Gifts, I gave money to four different charities, through The Big Give Christmas Challenge.

And, thanks to donors like The Childhood Trust, The Cabinet Office and Reed Foundation, the relatively small amounts I was able to spare will be matched, so those four causes will end up with double the amount pledged.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge opened on 5 December, with 387 charities taking part. Overseas work, environmental concerns, health, arts and animal charities are all included, as well as smaller projects working with local-based people in need. Some charities had reached their quota of match funds by the time I donated, which narrowed down the field (you can, technically, donate up until 18 December, but if you're interested it's best to hop over there now, to fill in the online form with an amount you want to give, and make sure you get match funding for your favourite cause).

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