Pigeon Pair and Me: Spring flowers: Our Time of Gifts week 32

Pigeon Pair and Me: Spring flowers: Our Time of Gifts week 32

Last October, Austin and I planted some bulbs, in the hope that we might be able to grow some Spring flowers, to give away as presents. This is what the pots looked like, once we’d finished:

And, over the last couple of weeks, we’ve begun to see the flowers of our small bit of labour. The occasional spot of brilliant sunshine has coaxed out a few daffodils. And the grape hyacinths are starting to peek out their indigo heads.

To be honest, I’d forgotten I’d intended to give away the flowers that grew from those bulbs.

But then, a friend who lives round the corner gave birth to a baby boy. I was sitting in the garden, wondering what to give her to say congratulations, when I remembered that I’d planted the seeds of some perfect gifts last Autumn. Exactly the sort of thing for a Spring baby.

Austin and Gwen are super-excited about the new baby (Austin keeps asking me when I’m going to have one. Yikes…..)

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