Pigeon Pair and Me: Shoeboxes: Our Time of Gifts week 26

Pigeon Pair and Me: Shoeboxes: Our Time of Gifts week 26

The first week of 2014, and the inside of my head felt grimy.

Our recycling bin was overflowing with empties. Stale memories of roast duck and mince pies lingered in the kitchen air. And, in an upstairs cupboard, heaps of paperwork - two years' worth - lay scatty, heaped and reproachful.

The house had a hangover. It was time to declutter and organise.

So, this week saw me spending many hours tidying and throwing away. Filing memories - and tax bills - into shoeboxes.

It gave me a headache. Or perhaps that was just withdrawal from all the Christmas booze and fatty food.

But now, the sun is shining, escaped parakeets are chirruping in our local park, and we have a (relatively) well-organised house. My head is clear.

There wasn't a great deal of time to think of creative ways to give away our stuff this week. But I did manage to fill a small bag with toys purged from our son Austin's collection of vehicles.

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