Hat heritage

Pigeon Pair and Me: Hat heritage For a number of years, between post-student penury and responsible parenthood, I would celebrate the onset of each Winter by buying a matching hat, scarf and glove combo.

It's been a few years since I've allowed myself this little indulgence. But I still have, in the back of a cupboard, a few woollen reminders of a time when I could afford to splash out on new accessories, even though the purchases from the previous year were perfectly wearable. When clothes buying was just for ME, and wasn't done at the expense of replacing our shabby kettle with a decent new one, or buying the latest toy craze for our children.

I found this pink hat and scarf the other night. The hat has shrunk, and the matching gloves are long gone, but for some reason I'd held onto the remaining items. I used to wear them in the days before D and I got together. I can't quite place them in a particular time of my life; all I know is that I bought them in Tie Rack many years ago, and their sparkly pink (a colour which I rarely wear) kept me cheerful through some chilly months.

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