Pigeon Pair and Me: Book swap: Our Time of Gifts week 31

Pigeon Pair and Me: Book swap: Our Time of Gifts week 31

This week on Our Time of Gifts, we visited the London Children’s Book Swap at the Southbank Imagine Festival.

We’re regular frequenters of our local library. It’s great to have an almost bottomless supply of brain food, without having to fork out for it.

But giving books away?

To be honest, I find it incredibly difficult to part with anything I’ve enjoyed reading. Even a newspaper.

Children, on the other hand, grow out of books. I couldn’t have borne to give away any of their old favourites. Even those soulless ‘That’s Not My…..’ books are tinged with memories of sitting with a soft bundle on my lap, reaching his or her chubby arms out to touch tBook Swaphe pictures.

But we do possess a fair few tomes that neither of the children have ever taken to. So, under the buggy those books went, and off to the train station we tramped.

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