Pick Your Own Tart

Pick Your Own Tart

I know, I know, but once I thought of that title I had to write this post. I have the sense of humour of a small child. Sorry about that.

So, a couple of weeks ago I blogged about going fruit picking at the local Pick Your Own farm which I discovered in Benfleet. We picked all kinds of lovely things and I made a red currant and apple tart and meant to blog it but umm… it kind of got eaten before I remembered to take any photos. Oops!

So this weekend we went along again, my Uggs saturated by the dew in the autumn fields, The Toddler now used to helping himself to plums, the lovely owners letting him climb on their quad bike. More fruit to be picked, eaten and, despite the nights now closing in way earlier than I’d like, photographed.

So this is my Pick Your Own Tart. Because once you think of a name like that, really, why bother thinking of another one?

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