Photos of food

Photos of food

I don't rate myself as a great photographer - of food or otherwise.

People look the wrong way when I come near them with a camera. I chop off arms, legs, the tops of heads, with scant regard for my dreams of giving out one of those glossy family calendars with a different charming picture of us (well, the kids) each month as Christmas presents: I have the same dream every year - a dream that gets ever more remote with each incomplete image that I capture.

I do try to make sure the pics I put up here are reasonable, but I look at some other people's blogs and sometimes wonder why I don't just give up now. Part of the problem may well be that I am always making food that I'm about to eat, and there's only so long you (or your family) can stand waiting for it to cool down enough to take a photo of it...

I also take far, far too many pictures of food. My camera is full of food that I have cooked but never got round to blogging about.

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