Photos from Hitchin Lavender Farm

Photos from Hitchin Lavender Farm

We spent a wonderful afternoon at Hitchin Lavender Farm as part of a blogger meet-up organised by Annie at Manneskjur. The farm has 15 acres of lavender visitors can wander through and there’s a wild flower meadow to enjoy too.

Capturing POD exploring in the lavender field wasn’t so easy! She opted to run in the opposite direction until we cunningly distracted her.

We were a smidge too early to see the lavender farm in its full glory but there was much to see. The landscape was magnificent, the lavender beautiful and the smell just divine. It was the perfect location for a relaxing afternoon with a fabulous group of bloggers. It’s always good to catch up with people you know but also to meet those you don’t.

As well as entertaining each other, there was plenty to occupy the children. Like watching the busy bees and spotting different kinds of butterflies.

Hitchin Lavender Farm provides you with a medium sized brown bag and scissors when you arrive so you can cut lavender for yourself. It’s a great idea if you want to take lavender home.

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