Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop

have been so busy lately, mostly running around like a headless chicken not doing what I planned, that I haven't got around to telling you about an awesome thing I did on 1st October.

I was invited by JoeBlogs and Transun to a photography workshop, in Cardiff. Transun offer Experience holidays, including trips to the Northern Lights, here's what they had to say about the night: Transun Photography.

Simon was the lovely gentleman who took the workshop, he was so full of valuable information. Unfortunately, my camera is a bridge camera (not as basic as snap and go, but not as advanced as a DSLR), this meant that some of the things he was teaching us about, couldn't be done on my camera.

He did, however, give us a fact sheet. So, when if I get a better camera, I will have some idea of what I'm doing. For now, I did get some great tips on what ISO meant, which I can change on my camera, I even managed to get some motion shots! 

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