Photography for Bloggers Part 2 – Lenses

Photography for Bloggers Part 2 – Lenses BlogOn MOSI is rapidly approaching so it’s time for the second in the series of my “photography for bloggers” posts. This time I thought I’d have a look at lenses – with a few pointers on what to look for if you’re buying a compact or bridge camera and then at DSLR lenses.

In part one I gave some ideas about what cameras bloggers actually need and what sort of things you can choose from. Digital cameras vary wildly in price and one of the main things that affects their price is the type of lens in the camera – as well as the processing power. How does the camera lens work?

The lens of the camera is basically the ‘eye’ – just as the lenses in our eyes enable us to process the world around us visually, the camera lens is set up to enable the recording of the image being photographed as accurately as possible onto the storage system – be that digital or film. In digital cameras, the quality of the ‘recording’ is measured in MegaPixels (MP) – the higher the number, the higher the quality.

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