Photography for Bloggers Part 1 – What Do You Need?

Photography for Bloggers Part 1 – What Do You Need? This year I’m leading the photography session at the BlogOn Conference in Manchester. We’ll be doing a walkabout around the Museum of Science and Industry and looking at taking photos in the ‘here and now’ rather than beautifully styled images that you can create in your own time. I’ve already been asked some questions about camera ‘stuff’ so I thought I’d put together a series of posts “photography for bloggers”, hopefully de-mystifying some of the jargon and answering photography questions from a blogger’s point of view. What Camera Do You Need As A Blogger?

I think this really depends on what sort of blog you’re writing and how you’re going to use your pictures. Equally, you need to consider where you’ll be taking photos, what you’re prepared to carry around with you and how much you’re prepared to invest.


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